Outsourcing, the best way to focus on your core business


To outsource is above all trusting a solid partner. DCS helps your company by leading some of your non productive division : administrative, desk, secretariat, help desk, IT... With DCS, you earn time, you optimize your costs, you reach your goals.

Outsourcing services
Take advantage of our IT expertise ....
Outsourcing services
... Entrust us your IT department.
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Administrative services
Save time and control your budget, ....
Administrative Outsourcing
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IT Development
Your custom applications ....
Coding Outsourcing
... Trust us with your project.
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Why outsourcing ?

Today, every company must excel in his chosen field and often, nonperforming such services asks attention that could be used elsewhere.

Outsource to control costs. With DCS you know exactly what costs you a service, not surprisingly, without the thorny constraint of the staff management. You can control costs and adapt these according to your needs and control expenditure cycles in the short or medium term.

Require a good level of service. DCS builds a SLA (Service Level Agreement) very accurate and provides a level of service tailored to your needs, your schedule, your technical environment. You do not worry about the absences of staff or workload.

Increase agility. Need to adapt the skills of staff as and measure the progress of a project? Need versatility? The outsourcing service allows to pay only the service you really need.

Our services and guarantees for outsourcing

Service Desk, Help Desk

Outsourcing services

Facilities management

Managed services

Management of budget


Cost management

Guarantee of service


Ask us for an estimation

Our services apply regardless the size of your service, on-site or off-site.
We can offer a performance simulation that includes:

Our engineers and consultants analyze your needs with your services to determine the best specifications. Once we have analyzed your requests and defined the best solution DCS will establish a protocol agreement or SLA that will organize the delivery to achieve goals.

Outsourcing services

Data Conversion Service SA specializes in IT outsourcing services and managed services for over 40 years. Its technicians are ITIL certified and are professionals of the IT environment and networks.

DCS offers its expertise in the IT support, maintenance and development of your IT department.

Infogerance is a very common case of the outsourcing service when a company entrusts to an other one for managing its information system (IS) as an external service provider expert in this domain. Commonly, a contract establishes the scope of services and possible interventions (Agreement on Service Level or SLA) with a budget fixed in advance.

The main objective of outsourcing is of course to better control spending in the IT sector and increase efficiency..

In addition, DCS can propose solutions and accompany you in the development of information services (IS) to benefit from the permanent technological progress, allowing you to gain advantages over your competitors.
Defined case by case as needed, outsourcing typically includes, fleet maintenance, user support, IT project management and maintenance of network security. Throughout its history, DCS works on all types of platforms and manufacturers (Microsoft, Unix, Linux, Aix, MacOS, Android, HP, DELL, SUN, IBM, Mac, CISCO ..)

Service Desk / Help Desk

En véritable centre d’assistance informatique, DCS peut gérer le support informatique de votre entreprise. Ainsi, tous les utilisateurs ont-ils un point d’entrée unique pour toutes leurs demandes de services informatiques ou pour rapporter un incident.

Le Service Desk DCS assure, en suivant les meilleures pratiques « ITIL v3 », la rapidité, la traçabilité et la qualité des interventionsOur tickets management software, allows our customers to track interventions and control interventions we perform on their behalf. Each user can also follow the progress of his own request.

We propose 3 levels of support and assistance :

Supports calls and tickets related to incidents in IT level in your business. This first level requires good listening skills as well as a good understanding of your business and your use of IT services. Its purpose is to ensure that all of your requests for services or intervention are taken into account as soon as possible by appropriate people. In most cases, the solution is immediately provided by this support level. Main processes used: event management, file management and service requests, incident management, management access.
Just following the level 1, typically called when more time, skills, computer access (on servers) or physically moving from the users are needed. Its primary purpose is to allow the user to be productive with its IT services as soon as possible. In this case, the remote control is preferred, but we do not hesitate to move to users if needed. As a preventive action, we suggest (by contract) to our customers, that have no DCS team already on site, to receive a regular visit by one of our technicians. Main processes used: event management, file management and service requests, incident management, access management, change management, configuration management.
At last, the support at third level is reserved for the most complex applications. Our engineers support major incidents but they also especially do continuous improvement of the IT services. By technological monitoring and continuous analysis of your use and your computing needs, they are force of proposals and able to carry out your projects, to help you be more efficient, and stand out from the competition. This level of support is also in charge of precise documentation on your entire IT infrastructure. Documentation remains your property and ensures service continuity. Main processes used: problem management (to prevent or eliminate recurring incidents or impacting too), change management, release management, capacity management, availability management, continuity management (DRP) demand management, knowledge management.

Projet and Process Manager

Certified project managers and ITIL specialists accompany you in managing and improving IT services. Monitoring teams and interventions install best practices and ITIL process, reporting, anticipation and planning.

Principaux processus utilisés : Amélioration continue des services, gestion des niveaux de services, gestion du portfolio et gestion du catalogue des services, gestion financière des services informatiques, gestion des fournisseurs

IT support and Hardware

Our IT team of experts can support the upgrade of your IT system and improve it.
DCS may intervene to install your computers and support equipment acquisition.
Enjoy attractive rates on products from top brands.

IT services at a glance
  • Service Desk – Help Desk
  • Infogérance – IT support
  • Facilities management
  • Managed services
  • Remote control
  • Network administration
  • Supplying
  • Security management
  • Computer management
  • Logistic service

Why DCS ?

Sized company that can adapt to your needs, DCS is listening to you.

Long experience : eg. CERN since 1975

Tailored solutions

Our expertise in office, administrative and IT domains is an asset to your needs.

The same application as internal employees, plus the commitment of a service contract.

IT Support rate from 130.- CHF/Excl. tax per hour

Prepaid hours

The prepaid hours option is a good way to reinforce the daily support. This is the perfect solution for managing unexpected events or to install new IT projetcs. As a summary, prepaid hours is a manner to save time and money and a simple solution for fixing IT problems that are not taken into account by contract. At last, prepaid hours are a perfect solution for small entities.

Prepaid hours offer you several advantages:

  • The cost per hour is lower when you purchase a 10 hours option
  • It is totally flexible, you use hours only when you need
  • It covers a lot of IT mission, you can use it for any intervention
  • You are invoiced for evey minutes used. We guarantee the traceability of any work done.

Prepaid hours is the ideally solution for SME who need a professionnal expertise.

Administrative services

You do not have an administrative structure ?
DCS offers you a real administrative service. So you can focus on your core business.

Our administrative services at a glance :
  • Secretariat
  • HR management
  • Call Center
  • Administrative management
  • Reception
  • Payrolling

IT Development

You want to develop a specific application or automate repetitive tasks. We develop tailor “On-Site” or “off-site” with our experienced staff.

Examples of equipment, systems, tools and other techniques we have already supported :

  • Material: servers, desktop, nomadic hardware: Dell, On, HP, Compaq, Digital, Macintosh, SAN, …
  • Operating systems : Solaris, Linux, MS-Windows, MacIntosh, …
  • Network : routers et switchs Cisco, WAN, LAN, VPN, DHCP, Firewall, sniffer, …
  • Software : OpenOffice, MS-Office, Remedy, Autocad and other DAO et CAO, Matlab, …
  • Databases : Oracle, Sybase, MySql, MS-Access, BAAN, …
  • Messaging : sendmail, Exchange, Office 365, Zimbra …
  • Development languages : C#, C++, PHP, python, perl, …
  • Other : video conference, backup, printers fax, VOIP, …