Service Business Desk

Do you want to save up to 10% of your payroll?

Successful organizations take advantage of the purely economic interest of the IT Service Desk for a long time. It is commonly admitted that up to 10% of your employees' time is wasted when they don’t know where to turn to resolve their IT issue before they get back to work.

Imagine how much can represent the percentage if you add up all types of services, other than IT :

  • “Tell me, do you know what is the procedure to register for internal language course?”
  • “Excuse me for interrupting your work, but who do I call to fix the lamp in my office?”
  • “The elevator is broken, I called the secretary but she’s not in charge of it and my boss sent me to you. Oh no, you’re not neither ?”
  • “Who can come and install this business software? I called the network specialists team and contacted the systems specialists, but they are not in charge of that.”

That’s the reason we offer our Business Service Desk, a single point of contact (SPOC) for all questions related to the different departments of the organisation. It allows everyone to know who to contact whatever the request is and the different specialists to focus on their specific tasks without unnecessary interruption. Do you know that the cost of the second and third support lines is 5 to 10 times higher than the cost of the Business Service Desk ?

What makes the DCS Service Business Desk so efficient? Our experience first..

Since the 1990s, the company successfully managed help desks (hotline then Help Desk then IT Service Desk and now Service Business Desk. In our current largest SBD, we manage more than 120,000 cases (incidents or service requests) per year. Each request is handled in less than 10 minutes in more than 90% of cases. Proven methods guarantee this success (ITIL, organization and documentation by services, accessible via search engines, forms, efficient ticketing tools, reliable processes and constant improvements, etc.)

In order to quickly attract the support of all your employees, we will immediately implement visible improvements, such as the automation of information messages, online help, business solutions catalogues and FAQs, or updating HR, logistics, IT inventories during each call.

What will always make the difference at DCS is the quality of the human beings that make up its teams. Since the creation of the company, we value professionalism, knowledge of the customer’s business and culture, and empathy. These service specialists will know how to help and guide your employees quickly. Moreover, thanks to privileged contacts with all the staff in the organization, they will be able to know how to report the identified points of improvement to the different service managers and above all, always to the right person without wasting time.

As a conclusion, should you wish to save money, please do not hesitate to contact us to start thinking about your future Service Business Desk.