Why do we collect your personal data?

We collect your data to increase your chances of success, whether you are a candidate or a client-employer. If you are a DCS employee, we collect certain data to comply with applicable laws and to improve the management of administrative tasks.

What personal data do we collect?

  • If you are a candidate: First, your CV and the information it contains, as well as the documents that you attach when you apply (copies of diplomas and work certificates in particular). And therefore, in particular:
    • Vos nom et prénom
    • Date of Birth
    • Sex
    • Family situation
    • Your photo
    • Contact information
    • Nationality and work permit
    • AVS number
    • Driver's license
    • History of your studies
    • History of your professional career
    • Referents
    • Passe-temps et autres engagements (Associatifs, sportifs, etc..)
  • If you are a client-employer :
    • your contact data only in order to send you the necessary information about the candidates, so that you can judge the interest of his candidacy,
    • or to contact you to receive references on a candidate who has cited you as a referent.
  • If you are employed
    • All data transmitted as candidates (see above)
    • Contact details of people to contact in case of emergency
    • The number and age of your dependent children
    • A copy of your identity papers
    • Your bank details to pay your wages

How do we collect your data?

  • If you are a candidate:
    • First of all during your application by the documents that you send us such :
      • cover letter
      • CV
      • Identity card
      • copies de diplômes
      • training copies
      • work certificates
      • références
    • During the interview:
      • by the answers you want to give us
    • following the interview:
      • by the references that you have indicated us
  • If you are a client-employer :
    • Via les données publiques telles que les sites web et la presse papier
    • When we enter into a business relationship (signing the contract, when you offer us a mandate, etc.)
    • Par les candidats qui vous cite en références
  • If you are employed
    • Via your application (see elsewhere)
    • At the time of establishing your entry formalities into the company

What do we do with your personal data?

  • If you are a candidate :
    • We keep them if you have given us permission :
      • In digital files on secure servers.
      • In paper sheets including the sheet you fill out during your first interview on our premises
      • Their access in both cases is restricted to personnel responsible for recruiting and managing candidates
    • We share them, after asking for your agreement, with clients who might be potentially interested in your application
    • We keep them for the time of your job search requiring our services
  • If you are client-employers :
      • We keep them in digital files on our secured servers
  • If you are employed :
      • We keep them for the duration of our contractual relationship and for the time required by law:
        • In digital files on secure servers.
        • In paper files
        • Their access in both cases is restricted to staff responsible for personnel management

What are your rights ?

  • From the start, you can deny us the right to keep your personal data. But then it will be practically impossible to follow up on your application.
  • If we already have your data, you can dispute this with us, and ask us to erase all of your personal data in our possession.
  • You can do this even after you have given us your consent first. We promise to get back to you within 30 days.
  • The only reason we would have to refuse this deletion would be for legal reasons.
  • You can ask us what personal data we have
  • You have the right to ask us to transfer you, or transfer to a third party of your choice, all your personal data in our possession
  • You also have the right to lodge a complaint with your local competent supervisory authority

Who is in charge, who to contact?

  • You can reach our data protection officer, Xavier HUON by phone +41 22 320 75 10 ou e-mail : rgpd@dcs.ch