It is a general assessment of the corporate network, in which a specialist determines how functional the physical, logical connections and configuration of devices linked to the network are, and whether their current state is aligned with the company’s performance goals or if adjustments are needed to be able to productively achieve its goals.

Usually, for lack of knowledge or cost savings, the vast majority of companies are not advised when setting up their network, and end up buying equipment that is not for professional use, but rather for home use. This is one of the reasons why equipment starts to exhibit vulnerabilities early on such as, among others: low or no connectivity, loss of files, IT security issues, low productivity by default of service, loss of business opportunities due to technical problems.

It is always good idea to call in a specialist, and thus avoid complications for your business. Likewise, if you have doubts and wish to make sure that your network is functioning, you can seek advice. For both cases, DCS offers this type of services.

Our specialists provide a status report on the infrastructure and recommendations on how to align it with the business. In addition, we also offer solutions that focus on the areas of physical connections, switching and routing, to determine the effectiveness of the current network architecture and adjust it to your business if necessary.