What is a temporary employment agency and its benefits ?

The purpose of a temporary employment agency or service rental company is to find and hire workers for a user company, so that the latter can carry out specific work, one-off or occasional.

5 main advantages of using a temporary employment agency:

Time saving

The user company will save a great deal of time in finding suitable personnel for the position to be covered, since the employment company will be in charge of this task, focusing on the rapid search for the ideal candidate.


Contracting through a placement company, it is the latter which, in addition to carrying out the recruitment for the ideal candidate, takes care of the paperwork and the hiring (contract, work permit, registration at the various funds, administrative follow-up, etc.)


The professional is hired through the placement company, so there is stability in the workforce, and in the company's payroll. Thus, the quota of posts allocated to a department remains intact.


The price of this service is very economical because the hiring is temporary and all the related costs (recruitments, administrative costs of hiring, administrative follow-up of the employees, costs linked to the end of the contract, etc.) are taken into account by the agency.

Direct communication

Since employees are assigned to jobs as temporary workers, the client company can give them instructions on a daily basis, without going through the intermediary of the employment agency. On the contrary of outsourcing services, which are completely managed by the provider.

DCS has had a temporary employment service since 1975. Hundreds of clients have already benefited from the seriousness of our recruiters and the impeccable administrative follow-up of workers. Our goal is to orient our long-standing loyal customers, as well as any new business needing support, for the following cases in particular:

  • Replacement of workers for occasional, short or long term absences
  • Occasional increase in workload
  • Urgent work, which cannot be postponed, requiring occasional reinforcement of the work force
  • New project requiring specific skills
  • Extraordinary event (exhibition, trade fair, congress, conferences)
  • Start of new activities, new sectors, or new business