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Who we are?

Data Conversion Service SA (DCS) is a service provider based in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1973, with an office in Santiago del Chile. This company is specialized in outsourcing services in IT and administrative fields, since its fondation in 1973,  and in recruitment services (permanent and temporary) since 1976. In more of 40 years, DCS built a large experience in document processing to facilitate the administrative and IT operations of its clients. DCS offer a range of outsourced services (outsourcing) to enable its customers to focus on their heart of business: Help Desk Outsourcing, delegation of administrative tasks. It manages document processing: Data Entry, Scanning, Archiving. Finally, DCS is a permanent and temporary recruitment agency now employs 150 people in Geneva and Chile. Actually, DCS offers services to north american companies willing to invest the south america continent (eg; Walmart…).  Since 2006, DCS is active in Chile and proposes the three ranges of services to its customer (Outsourcing, Data processing, Recruitment) on two continents.DCS provides services for more than forty years of varied clients ranging from international organizations, multinational companies, industries, academics, Hospitals to the Small and Medium Businesses such as clinics, offices and architectures etc. …

Our services at a glance

Since its creation in 1973, DCS makes value on three ranges of complementary services and offer to its numerous and various customers a recognized expertise.

IT and Administrative outsourcing 

This core business activity was strongly developed since the CERN asked DCS to provide a large IT team using the outsourcing solution of DCS. This partnership is active since 1975 and DCS still offer its expertise to the Swiss calculation center. Following a first providing contract with ESO, DCS created an outsourcing platform in Chile and Germany. But DCS answers to every companies for IT and administrative services. As DCS is able to recruit the right profiles for every types of missions, DCS can manage entire services within a third company such as secretariat, HR, accountancy, help desk, IT projects etc…

DCS answers to a various types of companies, whether their size for IT and Administrative services.


Data entry and digitization

From a historical standpoint, DCS is a leader for manual data entry such as vouchers, surveys, statistics (eg. for HUG in Geneva) with high standard of confidentiality. We produce the data entry of HR engagement surveys, scientific or commercial data.

Since 2000 we propose a digitization service to help you setting EDM – Electronic Document Management. DCS works for finance industry, larges companies and handle some projects with million pages to scan. We use OCR if needed to avoid manual data entry even if we can provide OCR correction at the end.


Le recrutement

Whether to find people to accomplish outsourcing missions for our own services or for clients in finding the right IT or administrative profile, DCS is recognized as an agency of fixed and temporary. We offer services related to permanent and temporary staffing in our two areas of predilections that are IT and Administration.


International positioning

DCS has two locations to support Swiss companies in the local and national market and to help international companies to locate in South America. Large US companies (such as Walmart) trust DCS to develop their subsidiaries on the continent.


DCS was founded more than 40 years ago in 1973 in Geneva by the Galle family. We are at the dawn of computing and many accountant companies need to process documents. We still do not speak the word outsourcing but this is indeed what DCS offers its creation: services enabling its customers to focus solely on their business without having to manage staff management issues for operations without added value. We are talking about data entry (hence the name Data Conversion Service). By 1974 DCS creates an entry operators school to meet the demand for qualified personnel.

In 1975, DCS obtained a service provision contract with CERN (which is always client) to provide IT support (or outsourcing) of the computing center. Again, the goal is to leave CERN management to focus on other tasks; The future of the universe is a stake !

Since its creation, DCS confirms its expertise in outsourcing IT and Administration and these two themes are really the company’s DNA.

To expand its services and provide its customers with quality trained staff, DCS acquires in 1975 a unit dedicated solely to the recruitment (permanent and temporary staffing) in its two areas of predilections: IT and ADM

By 1975 all is there. Then, through the end of the century, DCS can support customers in successive evolutions and revolutions of IT and administrative services (which are invested by IT).

In 1973 DCS main activity is the data entry. The activities are developing very rapidly and in the space of three years the workshop has 30 data entry operators

In 1974 A data entry operator school is created to meet the strong demand in staffing

En 1975, DCS obtient son premier contrat de prestation de services au CERN, concernant l’exploitation 24h/24h de l’ensemble du centre de calcul. Ce sont les prémices de l’infogérance et de la sous-traitance informatique.

In 1976, Starting of the permanent and temporary staffing departement in IT and administrative fields

Between 1978 and 1999, DCS develops its core business service : the outsourcing. In particular the service desk, help desk and administrative support.

In 2000 DCS build a digitization workshop. The data entry is now a complementary service to help clients to manage their documents.

In 2004 DCS signs the first outsourcing contract with the ESO and starts a first Help Desk mission in Germany, then in Chile.

In 2006 DCS launches services in Chile where the company is active in the field of media and IT infrastructure and digitization projects.

Since 2010, DCS continues its local and international development and welcomes new customers to his two favorite markets of South America and Switzerland.

DCS successfully renews ISO 9001 – 2015 To ensure its guests all the necessary transparency and its production process, DCS confirms its commitment with the ISO standard 9001 – 2015.


Data Conversion Service SA is certified ISO 9001 depuis 1999 and in its more recent version (ISO 9001:2015) since 2016.

Nighty percent of the IT staff are certified ITILv3 foundation (or more).

And, DCS push its employees to go deep in personal training in their specialities. (for instance Cisco CCNA ou Microsoft MCSA ).


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