Data Conversion Service, at your side.

Data Conversion Service SA (DCS) is a service company based in Geneva, Switzerland since 1973. This Geneva-based company has specialized in IT and administrative outsourcing services since its creation and in the recruitment of permanent or temporary staff since 1976.

It has built a large experience in document processing to facilitate the administrative and IT operations of its clients. DCS offers a range of outsourced services to allow its customers to focus on their core business: Help Desk, outsourcing, delegation of tasks

It manages the processing of documents: data entry, scanning, archiving. Finally, DCS is a permanent and temporary recruitment agency which currently employs 150 people in Geneva and Chile. In 2006 DCS moved to Chile. Since then, it has offered its IT and administrative outsourcing services on two continents.

For over forty years, DCS supports the development of a wide variety of clients ranging from international organizations, multinational corporations, industries, University Hospitals to small and medium businesses such as clinics, offices and architectures etc. ...

Our services at a glance

Since its creation in 1973 in Geneva, DCS has capitalized on three ranges of complementary services and offers its customers recognized expertise in Switzerland.

IT and Administrative outsourcing

This flagship activity has grown strongly since the strengthening of the IT teams at CERN (between 1975 and today) and following a first contract with ESO in Germany and then in South America.

DCS responds to all companies (whatever their size) for IT or administrative services.

By relying on its ability to recruit the right people for all types of missions, DCS can take charge of entire areas of services in a company such as secretarial services, HR, accounting, technical operations, IT maintenance, IT development projects, etc.

Data entry and digitization

Historically, DCS remains one of the leaders in entering data such as coupons, polls, surveys (we do this for HUG for example) with the confidentiality of a Geneva-based company. We enter your engagement surveys (HR), statistics, scientific or commercial.

Since the 2000s we have been offering the document scanning service (to set up EDM - Electronic Document Management). DCS works for banks, large companies etc… and carries out projects amounting to millions of pages.


Whether it is to supply our own services or for clients looking for the right IT or administrative profile.

We offer services related to temporary or permanent staff placement in our two areas of predilections that are IT and Administration.

International positioning

DCS has two offices, in Switzerland and Chile.

Large American companies (like Walmart) trust DCS.


DCS was founded over 40 years ago, in 1973, in Geneva by the Galle family. We are on the cusp of computers and many fiduciaries need to process documents.

We still speak little of "outsourcing" but that is indeed what DCS offers its creation: services enabling its customers to focus only on their business, without having to manage staff management issues for operations without added value.

These were mainly data entry operations (hence the name Data Conversion Service). In 1974, DCS created a school of data entry operators to meet the demand for qualified personnel.

In 1975, DCS obtained a first service contract with CERN to provide IT support (or outsourcing) for the computer center.

Here again, the aim is to let CERN management concentrate on other tasks directly related to its project.

We are partner with CERN for 46 years now.

Since its creation, DCS confirms its expertise in outsourcing IT and Administration and these two themes are really the company’s DNA.

To develop its services and provide its customers with well-trained quality staff, DCS set up in 1975 a department dedicated solely to recruitment (permanent and temporary recruitment) in its two areas of predilection: IT and Administration.

From 1975, everything was in place to support our customers in the successive evolutions and revolutions in IT, and administrative services.

01 January 1973

Creation of DCS

In 1973, DCS's main activity was data entry. The activities are developing very rapidly and in three years the workshop has 30 operators.

Data entry operator school

A school of data entry operators was created to meet the high demand.

In 1974
In 1975

CERN contract

DCS obtains its first contract to provide services to CERN, concerning the 24-hour operation of the entire data center. These are the beginnings of IT outsourcing.


Starting of the permanent and temporary staffing departement in IT and administrative fields

In 1976
In 1978


Between 1978 and 1999, DCS develops its core business service : the outsourcing. In particular the service desk, help desk and administrative support.


DCS build a digitization workshop. The data entry is now a complementary service to help clients to manage their documents.

In 2000
In 2004

Contract with ESO in Chile

In 2004 DCS obtained its first contract with ESO in Germany and Chile.

South America

DCS launches services in Chile where the company is active in the field of media and IT infrastructure and digitization projects.

From 2006
In 2010

IT Development

Since 2010, DCS has continued its local and international development, and welcomes new customers in its two favorite markets of South America and Switzerland.

ISO 9001 : 2015

DCS successfully renews ISO 9001 – 2015 To ensure its guests all the necessary transparency and its production process, DCS confirms its commitment with the ISO standard 9001 – 2015.

From 2015