DCS has been evolving for more than 40 years in Geneva and Switzerland and has developed a network of partners and loyal customers.

Our suppliers and main partners

DCS is partner with several suppliers in the IT field to propose the best products to its clients at the best cost for every projects they need. DELL is one of our most important supplier.


We have made partnership with associations focused on HR  :

HR Geneva group  http://www.hr-geneve.ch/ is a non profit association offering networking and information services to all HR specialists. This local association is affiliated  to the Société Suisse des Ressources Humaines HR Swiss  http://www.hrswiss.ch/fr

This association is composed of 800 representatives actives in HR department of large companies and SME in Geneva area.

Swissstaffing  http://swissstaffing.ch/fr/ is a skills and service center for the employment in Switzerland. This association gathers recruiters or staffing agencies in Geneva and Switzerland. Swissstaffing defends the values of this high value sector.