[COVID-19] How DCS makes teleworking easier for you do

Don’t panic ! This period is special. Not predictable. It requires companies to adapt their processes very quickly. And in particular to ensure the continuity of their activities despite the need for confinement or limitation of movement. How to do ?

DCS is currently helping all of its customers to implement simple and fast operational telework solutions. The availability, commitment and experience of our teams allow entrepreneurs to easily overcome this milestone.

Be careful, this may seem simple, but keep in mind that other types of viruses can be fatal for your business. IT security should not be overlooked when many employees work remotely, via PCs that are not in the corporate network. On the contrary, you must be all the more vigilant to ensure the three essential points: Confidentiality of your data and that of your customers – their Integrity (do not lose a week of work because of backups that do not take telework into account ) – Availability: your employees must have access to the necessary resources in conditions close to that of the office.

Confidentiality of your data and those of your customers - Integrity (don't lose a week's work because of backups that don't take teleworking into account) - Availability : your employees need to have access to the resources they need in conditions close to those in the office.

Don’t panic ! DCS is here to advise you and help you put in place the appropriate solutions to get you through this period safe from viruses..

Whether you are already a customer or not, contact us right away : info@dcs.ch or 022 320 75 10 info@dcs.ch or 022 320 75 10.