Year 2020

2020 has undoubtedly been a very different year, where the ways of seeing the world have changed, where the rules have changed and also what we called our "normality", this year phrases and words have emerged such as; social distancing, pandemic, confinement, quarantine and teleworking. That although they already existed, they were not part of our daily lives, much less part of our reality.

Today, just a few days before the end of this year, all these words have an important meaning with a direct impact on our lives. The call to confinement has put the world in a state of total change, queuing in supermarkets, alarmed at a possible shortage of supplies, with the strange social distance and the obligatory use of masks, to which we also add people's fear, contact and the rapid spread of the virus, forcing companies to impose more technological ways to continuing with their work. The complicated or sometimes comfortable teleworking began to be a challenge for those people who were not so updated to the technological world, applications such as Slak, Skype, Suite, zoom meeting and Teams among others became the new meeting rooms.

Although this working modality is not new, since 2013 in Switzerland this modality has started to be implemented in some sectors, it had not achieved the success that it meant this year, drawing the conclusion that in some jobs the presence in the physical place does not dictate the efficiency of the worker.