DIY IT maintenance: «We do it ourselves, thank you! »

  • "IT? Everyone is able to manage IT today, it's not science! We are a SME, a hundred employees ...We do not need external help! "
  • "IT is maintained by the boss's nephew. He is super talented and it works very well! Nothing more needed, thanks! "
  • “Our IT maintenance is provided by a small company and it is very available, always ready to help! We call him whenever we want on his cell phone. No need to change provider! In addition, it is not expensive ... "

Here are some of the arguments heard when an IT service company presents itself to a potential customer: Small business, even an SME. But what is behind it?

Yes, "everyone can do it". But are you sure you have configured all of your network elements so that you do not suffer from a cyber-attack, be the victim of ransom or have no longer access to your data? Yes you will do it. But laterbecause right now there are other priorities, clients waiting, projects to finish, paperwork to finish.

Will the boss's friend or family member always be available for you or does he not suddenly have another life plan that will leave you practically overnight without documentation, without passwords, and without IT support?

And the "small company" which comes down most of the time to an excellent computer scientist, a "geek", but not being sheltered from a sudden unavailability,, or to its own limits in knowledge, and not being able to serve several customers at the same time because he is alone? Is it still cheap the day you can no longer respond to your own customers or to a large tender because the IT stops working?

With DCS you have the advantage a solid structure, whose nearly 50 years of experience is a guarantee of sustainability and seriousness. You benefit from experts in different fields, and your IT is not dependent on the availability of a single individual.

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