Present in Geneva since 1973, Data Conversion Service SA is a Swiss company providing services in outsourcing of services (outsourcing). The mission of DCS is to support its customers in their development by taking in hand a number of tasks far from their core business ranging from IT maintenance, to document processing (scanning, data entry) up to the recruitment of employees. Its workforce is more than 150 people distributed in Switzerland and Chile, in South America. DCS ‘clientele is very varied: International, Multinational Organizations, Chemical Industries, University Hospitals, Small and Medium Enterprises, etc.

For a sixteen month mission in an international organization in Geneva canton, we are looking for an:


Business support officer / Technical engineer – 100%

(Starts April 1st 2023)

Job description:

As a business support officer or technical engineer, you will take an active part in the organization of the work related to the test and magnetic measurements of normal and superconducting magnets, including:

  • Set up and maintain the asset management systems. Curate the test results databases, ensuring the proper naming conventions, verifying that all test data is properly collected, and updating entries when needed ;
  • Perform low voltage electrical measurements on super- and normal-conducting magnets for quality control. Participate to the commissioning of new test benches ;
  • Organize the handling of documents within the section, including the generation of test plans and production of standard reports based on input from test and measurements engineers. Oversee and steer reports, scientific publications, and conference participations ;
  • Assist test engineers in establishing and updating the planning and sequencing of tests, budget estimation and expenses tracking.


After an initial period including on-the-job training, you will be expected to:

  • Handle the non-conformity reports ;
  • Formalize QA/QC and safety documentation ;
  • Represent the section in QA/QC matters on the group level ;
  • Iterate the test and measurement plannings with all stake holders across the section boundary.





  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical/electronic engineering or business administration with a strong bias toward project management ;
  • Experience in database management systems. Proven expertise in the standard admin tools such as Excel, PPT, InforEAM, Kanban, etc ;
  • An excellent knowledge of English and French;
  • A solid knowledge of project engineering practices and database management systems ;
  • Able to analyse key issues in complex situations. Show a disciplined approach to analysing data and situations ;
  • Able to divide extensive work/projects into manageable sub-tasks with clearly defined milestones ;
  • Able to supervise technical/doctoral students and scientific fellows and being accountable for the effective use of such resources ;
  • Engage in open and positive interactions for team building;
  • Sharing of knowledge with others. Develop creative ideas and come up with innovative solutions to improve systems and performance.


If the offer could interest you, do not hesitate to apply !