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DCS is an expert in data entry since 1973 and scanning documents in Switzerland and the canton of Geneva since 2000. To date, our operators and technicians specializing in digitization and indexing have already processed millions of documents !

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Our expertise in data processing
  • Manual entry for your documents, survey…
  • Digitization
  • OCR – Optical character recognition
  • Archive
  • Metadata
  • EDM – Electronic document management
  • Shaping
  • Readable bar code
  • Inventory
  • Web site and pages – XML
Numérisation – scanning

Since 2000, DCS digitization centre employs experienced staff who are able to handle your documents with care, expertise, and with high confidentiality. Each service is supervised by a project leader, with high level of quality control.

We can work in DCS workshop or we can move all the needed equipment directly to our customer office and perform on a mass recovery of your documents.
We scan documents such as single sheets, books, maps, photographs, negatives, microfilm, among others, whether for archives, distribution on the Internet, or your own applications.

We can perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on images obtained by scanning. This allows to find documents based on their content, with a text search.

These digital documents are rendered in different formats and supports Word, Excel, PDF, TIFF, database, etc … on CD, DVD, Internet (secure access), Intranet, integration in your applications … and possibility of encryption.
Our presence in Switzerland allows a short immobilization of your documents.

No files or records leaves the Switzerland territory

Samples of applications within different services
  • Front-office
  • Customers files
  • Documentation
  • Correspondences
  • Finance and legal
  • Accountacy
  • Legal files
  • Court cases
  • Purchasing department
  • Invoices
  • Contracts
  • Offer and supplier documentation
  • Human ressources
  • Employees document
  • Candidatures files
  • Administrative documents
  • Documentation
  • Holdings
  • Books and press review
  • Stats and surveys

Scanning rate from 0.05* CHF/ per page

*Under condition

Data entry

DCS is specialized in data entry since the creation of the company in 1973. Our data entry workshop is equipped with a multi-entry system allowing us to produce the entry and the verification of data with high quality. We proceed to a double indexation to match the perfect result.
The data we produce are rendered in different formats (for instance : ASCII, EXCEL, ACCESS, etc..) and physical supports (CD, DVD, USB, HARD DRIVE etc..), or online. We can attach data entry with scanning process at the same time.
We can demonstrate references in very various work fields : Medical, finance, industry, academic, International Organizations, etc.

Applications samples :

  • Data Entry
  • Data processing
  • Statistics
  • Databases creation
  • Survey, voucher…
  • Data correction
Data EntrySaisie de données


Too many stored documents? Contact us for a paperless solution for your data and archiving..